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Weight Control & Maintenance

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“All food is good, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.” The weight loss program is based on the fact that diets work really well while we are on them, but it is impossible to stay on them forever.  So, we get off the diet, go back to our old eating behavior patterns and typically gain back the weight we lost, and, sometimes, even more.  Our weight loss program deals with those old eating behavior patterns that we continually find ourselves struggling with when we are not dieting.  Some common patterns are: emotional issues (“I eat when I am tired, bored, hungry, full, happy, sad”), portion control issues, (“clean your plate” because there are people starving”). You may find you have some different issues altogether.  Through trance, you will learn good behavior patterns that you can keep for a lifetime.

Individually designed

At Success Strategies, the weight loss program is designed to fit your individual needs.  The initial session is a very important session during which we will discuss weight history, eating patterns, eating triggers, activity patterns, along with how hypnotherapy will help you achieve your goals.  Trance is not used during the initial session.  Many people ask how long it will take to work.  It works immediately!  You will notice behavior change after your initial session in trance.


Significant improvement will be noticed after only 3 sessions. However, the total number of sessions required for successful life change is completely dependent on each individual.  Some people may need more reinforcement than others.  To schedule a weight loss or weight maintenance appointment, call (512) 329-8088.

University of Connecticut researchers found hypnosis subjects lost more weight than 90% of those using other methods-and kept the weight off!  Hypnosis can more than double the effects for traditional weight loss approaches.