Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

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Couples counseling can be a valuable resource for couples of all different types and in various stages of their relationship.  Occasionally, our relationships get strained and are not able to function at their optimum level. This can cause great distress within each person in the couple, as well as compromise the integrity of the relationship itself.

Couples seek therapy for a wide range of reasons including, but not limited to, improving communication, struggling to keep your marriage on track, rebuilding trust after infidelity, sexual difficulties, preparing for marriage, preparing for divorce, or dealing with the loss of a child. Through counseling, you will learn how to talk to each other more effectively and to work through conflict more productively. 

Couples counseling can help you build a better relationship, whether you are a young couple just starting out, starting a blended family, or already married and seeking growth in your marriage.  Working with a counselor trained to evaluate your strengths and areas of growth, you will have the foundation on which to build a wonderful, successful, loving relationship.

At Success Strategies we help couples create a loving foundation for better communication, respect, trust and understanding for each other and for the relationship.  Call now to begin preparing for a successful relationship: (512) 329-8088.

Pre-marital Counseling


Couples usually spend a lot of time and energy preparing for their wedding day, but sometimes fail to put as much energy into preparing for the marriage itself.  The Prepare/Enrich program helps couples prepare for marriage (PREPARE) and enrich the relationship (ENRICH) of those already married.

Prepare/Enrich ® (P/E) is a customized online assessment tool that identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas. P/E and its background structure FACES (Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scale) continues to be one of the most researched assessment tools with over 1200 published articles supporting its validity and reliability.  Most recently, Prepare/Enrich was reviewed in the 20th edition of the Mental Measurements Yearbook (2017), which is the most widely acclaimed reference series in education and psychology designed to assist professionals in selecting and using standardized assessments.

Research has shown the act of taking the P/E assessment improves relationship quality and brings increased awareness across multiple aspects of the relationship.  P/E covers various areas within the relationship including communication, conflict resolution, and finances.  In addition, the assessment will explore your personality, family of origin, and relationship dynamics.  P/E will help you celebrate your strengths as a couple and use them to gain momentum in the growth areas of your relationship. P/E provides skill-building exercises to help you strengthen your relationship.  Developing skills such as assertive communication and active listening, which will prime you to have meaningful conversations as you continue to grow as a couple.

Prepare/Enrich: Over 4 Million Relationships Strengthened~Over 100K Facilitators in 100+ Countries~Available in 12 Languages

Research has shown that taking the P/E assessment prior to marriage reduces your risk for divorce by 30%.  Call now to develop positive strategies for your future: (512) 329-8088.