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Professional Counselor & Hypnotherapist

Jennifer Dunham, Cht, LPC-supervisor

Jennifer Dunham, LPC-S, CHT has been in private practice since 1994 in the Westlake area. She has partnered with national and international companies including Walmart, Apple, Dell, Freescale, and Bridgestone/Firestone blending a wealth of practical experience and formal training into a diverse array of services including coaching, corporate training, management development, critical incident consulting, marriage/family and individual therapy.  Her passion is to help people be successful in work, life, health, and relationships.

Success Strategies Unlimited is committed to providing you with the resources for expanding and improving the quality of your life and your relationships. We work with you to help you discover what you truly value most in your life so that you may experience the profound fulfillment you desire and deserve.

When you are ready to take your life to the next level of happiness and satisfaction, please get in touch with me.

Hypnotherapy in Austin & Westlake

Many Psychotherapists use hypnosis as a tool to help their clients achieve goals and make positive changes in their lives.  Hypnotherapy and its use in a clinical setting is endorsed by the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association.

Hypnotherapy nearly always gets results faster than conventional therapy alone since the subconscious mind is immediately re-programmed, transforming negative thoughts to positive ones, using your own resources to change unwanted behavior to positive action.

Counseling & Coaching

Have you ever thought, “Why does this always happen to me?”.  Do you feel stuck and unsure how to move forward? Do you want more for yourself?  If you find yourself facing the same problems and struggles repeatedly and you feel unhappy or unsatisfied, it may be time to consider a consultation with a professional.  Seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness, but an assertion of your inner strength.  Create the life you have always dreamed of by calling now.

“Jennifer is a tremendous hypnotherapist with a proven record of success with highly successful clients from both the corporate world and the private sector. Her executive coaching skill set has been proven at Fortune 500 companies worldwide. I’d recommend Jennifer without hesitation for anybody looking to further their personal or professional lives.”

–Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC-s, Texas Board Approved Supervisor

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Corporate Training & Executive Coaching

According to Stanford University/The Miles Group, two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive any outside advice on their leadership skills, and yet almost all said they would be receptive to suggestions from a coach.  It is remarkable how many smart, highly motivated, responsible people rarely pause to contemplate their own behavior.  In fact, many professionals may reach executive positions without addressing their limitations.  Coaching encourages individuals to pause, reflect and gain awareness.  It is a form of active learning that focuses on communication and relationship skills.  Executive Coaching incorporates personal development and organizational needs, which in turn fosters cultural change for the benefit of the entire organization.

Life Balance

Professional Services